Mirena: 2 Month Update… Let’s Talk About Vaginal Lubrication!

That’s right, vaginal lubrication! I promised you this blog would be uncensored, and uncensored it shall be… so let’s dive right on in.

It’s been exactly two months since I had my Mirena inserted, and for those of you who read my original post, you will know that I was having trouble with extremely painful intercourse, due to the side effects I experienced with Implanon and Depo Provera. I am overjoyed to report this particular issue is no more. My libido seems to slowly but surely be returning, and along with it has come (pun sort of intended) some good old fashioned, slippery, naturally lubricated sex. Good.

It is not just this that tells me the Depo is finally making its exit from my body. For the first time in well over a year, I’ve managed to start losing the weight I gained from my previous contraceptives. The hormones involved in both the implant and the injection gave me an appetite that was out of control. I became obsessed with food, and although I was aware of the problem, I could not control it. This might sound like fantasy, but I’ve spoken with other women who have reported exactly the same problem – hormones can do really, really crazy things! In the last month, I’ve been able to lose 3kg (6.6 pounds), and although this is not even close to what I put on over the last year, it’s a good start. How have I lost the weight? The food obsession seems to be decreasing. I have the ability to feel full again, and to tell myself I don’t need to snack. I’ve been eating very well and hope this can continue.

Now, periods. So far, I could not be more pleased with how the Mirena is affecting my periods. I have had one period since I wrote my last update. It lasted for seven days and was very, very light. I am using an iPhone app to track my period, and should be due for another one in 4 days; I’m interested to see how my periods progress from here on, and hoping they’ll disappear completely soon!

There’s really nothing else to report here at the two month mark, which is a very good thing in itself. I am very happy with my decision to get an IUD thus far.


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