Mirena: 3 Month Update

I. Love. Mirena.

I could pretty much leave this update with those three words, but I’ll elaborate a little further…

Periods. Since I had the Mirena I.U.D inserted 3 months ago, I’ve had two periods. The first ran from December 21-27, and the second has just finished up, running from February 3-9. For anyone who doesn’t want to count (that would be me!), my period tracker tells me that’s a whopping 44 day cycle. They have both been what I can only refer to as “reverse-periods”, by which I mean they start off lightly and tend to be heaviest on the last day. However, I’m playing fast and loose with the word heavy – I’ve never needed anything more than a liner. Old pads and tampons are just gathering dust in my cupboard.

Moods. I feel wonderful. Sure, I still have occasional dark days, and PMS still hits me the same as it normally does. Generally though, I feel like me again – the me who I was pre-Implanon, pre-Depo. Regular, unaffected me. Not crying, serial-killer me! I’m also finding it much easier to handle food cravings, and although (as I’ve documented in my previous updates) I’m struggling with weight, it doesn’t seem to be so much of an emotional battle anymore. I can say no to excessive food more often now, and although I still catch myself binge eating, it’s not at EVERY opportunity. Saying no once out of every two or three times is positive progress, and I’ll take it.

Libido. Normal. No painful sex, boyfriend has never felt the Mirena strings.

Cramps. Normal period cramps.

Pimples. Negative. I mention pimples because I’ve read many reviews where people have noted that Mirena has given them issues with this. I seem unaffected.

Sooo, there you have it – here at the 3 month mark, things are going very well. This is my personal experience and yours will be different, but if you are scared to try the Mirena, know that there ARE positive experiences out there, and this is one of them. Hopefully it stays that way!


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