Mirena: 10 month-ish update

Well, hi there! As you can see, it’s been some time since I’ve posted. That’s mostly because everything is going smoothly. Here are a couple of updates as I approach the one year anniversary of shoving a foreign object into my womb:

Bleeding. I can say with some confidence that my period has completely stopped. I haven’t bled since July, and that was practically invisible. In fact, I only recorded it as a period in my period tracker because it might have been blood. It also might just have been bad lighting or patterned toilet paper, it was that indiscernible.  Seriously. Period – gone. AWWWW YISS.

PMS. This behaves as normal, just sans bleeding. I still get the stupid depressive feeling about a week before a period would be due. If I catch myself feeling mopey or crying at an ad on TV just because there’s a cat on it, I whip out my period tracker, and without fail find that I would be due for a period in the next week if I was still bleeding. So as far as PMS goes, it remains unchanged in me. My periods exist emotionally; they just don’t show up in my pants anymore. Fabbo.

Libido. Okay, here’s the best part. For years I’ve had an altered libido from the Implanon and the Depo shot. I’ve also never had a orgasm in my sexual career through coitus alone. That is, until last night. BOOM. Genuine vaginal orgasm. For the last couple of months, I’ve felt a little something down there during sex that I’ve never felt before (I’m approaching 30 and have been having sex since I was 17, so needless to say I wrote myself off as one of the majority who can’t orgasm vaginally). I am mentioning this to show that, at least for me – and keeping in mind that all contraceptives affect everyone differently, your results may vary, yada yada yada – the Mirena has not affected my sexual function or libido. I am quite chuffed with myself today. Yes indeed.

That’s about all for now. Unless something terrible happens, I am looking forward to the next four years!


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